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We stand out by offering quality in each product and service.
Offering a varied catalog with the best that Peru has to offer.
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Our history

Flo Trading, was established in Canada in 2010. Starting our operations in Lima since 2016. From our beginnings we worked with a method that integrates the entire production chain, committing ourselves to the management of international businesses and with a strategy of collaboration and joint growth with our suppliers in the jungle of Peru. One of our first business achievements was to position ourselves as the FIRST PERUVIAN OIL EXPORTER OF SACHA INCHI and SACHA INCHI ROASTED OF 2019.

We have successfully entered the international market in countries such as Canada, Mexico, France with products derived from Sacha Inchi. Due to the high demand for our products in South Korea and in order to continue increasing our exports, in 2018 we decided to export to this destination, increasing sales by more than 1,000% compared to 2014.
We are committed to offering high quality products and services. We are very grateful for the trust provided by our clients, which we will always reward, satisfying each of their needs, assuring them a better quality of life through hard work.
We have the best management system, thus demanding the best quality standards, guaranteeing our growth and efficiency in each process and service we provide to our valued customers. Following the laws and standards of food safety and quality, obtaining the best products to be consumed.
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Our mission
Being an international business mediator, bringing buyers closer to producers in the Peruvian jungle and developing sustainable business models with every member of this chain.  
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Our vision
To position ourselves as a leading company in the export of Superfoods of Latinamerica,  and to 2025, be recognized internationally and mainly in the Asian market as the leading company in the export of Peruvian Sacha Inchi. Company that also values high quality standards and good customer service.
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Our values
  • Quality: Offering high quality products and services.
  • Respect: Respecting the work and opinions of our clients and workers.
  • Puntuality: Complying with the agreed times, from the moment of negotiation to the delivery of the product.
  • Transparency: Be transparent in all of our processes, as much as in products, logistics and commercial process.
Our certificates
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