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Sanitation is important, that is why we work hard, with the goal of offering high quality products made with all the necessary precautions and controls. Accepting state-imposed regulations.
We are going through a difficult situation, but this motivates us to try harder to offer you safe products.
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Cleaning and
Recognizing and following the appropriate processes for a proper cleaning and disinfection of our machinery, personnel and products, we trust in the premium quality that we offer.
We are committed and trained to offer you optimal and safe products complying with the corresponding parameters of food safety. Accepting all the sanitary provisions required worldwide to face any type of emergency.
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Knowing the importance of following these sanitation protocols, we have trained our personnel to carry out a disinfection before entering the facilities, thinking about their protection and comfort when working.
Likewise, a daily cleaning and disinfection protocol is followed in all the work areas of our processing plants.
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Control of
Following the rules of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), we ensure products are regulated for human consumption, focusing on hygiene and its handling.
We are aware of the current situation, that is why we take all the measures for washing and disinfecting our raw materials before being handled by our workers.